Award Winning Real Estate Team...with an Overflow of Serious Prospects... Seeks Professional Full Time Agents Who Want to Work Reasonable Hours, Make More Money and Have a Fulfilling Life!"

In Fact, I Guarantee You Will Make At Least $25,000.00 MORE Over the Next 12 Months than you did the Last 12 Months or I Will Pay You the Difference in Cash!"* - Todd Wiese

That's right -- make more money working fewer hours (GUARANTEED) and have a more fulfilling life! My name is Todd Wiese, and as you may or may not know, I’m an “untraditional” Real Estate Team Leader... consistently finding myself in need of competent real estate agents to help assist my Buyer and Seller Prospects and VIP Clients.

Over the last 23 years I have sold over 6,662 homes and generated over $26 million dollars in commissions, all while working a normal work week. Because of my unique marketing methods and systems, I continuously have an overflow of prospects to follow up with... and they all want information on how to purchase property and sell their existing home. This is where you come in:

You Could Increase Your Appointments, Showings, and Closings -- Literally Overnight!

My Team System can put you in the very enviable position of helping to assist these prospects. You see, most of the people who call day-to-day need an agent to work with. That’s right, all of the Buyer and Seller prospects call me - my Team does no cold-calling. I’m looking for serious real estate professionals to handle these prospects.

Here's My Offer...

I’m offering to give you an endless stream of appointments (not leads - that's right, appointments) to work with in exchange for you joining my team. Sales Representatives on my team make a lot of money, but more importantly - they keep all of it. There are NO expenses. Plus you will receive leading edge training on all of our systems, marketing and consumer programs as well as ongoing Coaching and Training. These same systems have allowed me to sell over 6,662 homes and sell over $1 Billion Dollars in real estate. So, if you are interested in increasing your business, making and keeping more money (GUARANTEED) and working reasonable hours along with creating a mutually beneficial relationship... please call 1-800-843-0062 and enter ID#1590 to hear more. Speak to no one.

"Fear and my ego kept me from calling Todd in the past....a Major Mistake! When I spoke to Todd and he explained to me how the program really works and asked me to be his business partner I was thrilled. There was no more cold calling or the anxiety of not knowing where my next deal would come from. I am supplied with a steady stream of warm leads and appointments and finally feel like I am in control of my business. The lead generation, administrative, marketing and database are all taken care of leaving me the time to focus on the parts of the business that I truly enjoy. Business is way up and I now have more tools and systems designed to service my clients and attract more prospects and sell more homes in less time than I have ever had before. My only regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago." – Shelly Berceau, Todd Wiese Homeselling System Inc.
Alternatively, you may be a great candidate for our Inside Sales Department. This is an awesome real estate telephone sales position, unique to The Todd Wiese Homeselling Team. Inside sales agents receive a salary plus commission. No cold calling, all warm leads supplied, earn $40K - $70K per year, no fees, and work a normal 40 hour work week. For more information on this rare opportunity please Click Here.
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